1 Start Here

There are several factors we need to help create the best arch for your event. To help do that, we need a few questions answered.

  1. What do you want the arch for?
  2. Is it indoor or outdoor?
  3. How long do you need it to last?
  4. Do you have a budget?
  1. How big does it need to be?
  2. What style arch is best?
  3. What colors do you want?
  4. Do you need something unique or custom designed?

2 Determine the size of the Arch

How to Calculate Arch Size

The cost of an arch is based on the size, which is measured in linear ft. When deciding on the size of your balloon arch, measure the height and width of the area where it will be displayed. Use the following calculations below to determine the approx. length (linear. ft.) of the arch.


If the balloon arch is wider than it is tall:
H + W= Total Length


If the balloon arch height and width are about the same:

1.5(H) + W = Total Length


If the balloon arch is taler than it is wide:

2(H) + W = Total Length

3 Pick a Style


A sturdy design that works well inside and outside. Available in a variety of patterns. Add fun accents to compliment your theme and enhance your event.

Pearl Arch

Cost efective, elegant and simple, this single line of balloon style can stand alone and be combines with other balloon decor for great efect. Can be made with latex, foil, or both.

**Indoor Use Only**

Linked Arch

A contemporary and fun new arch style that adds depth to any area in a fun and unique way. Can also be paired with linked columns, and other decor.

**Indoor Use Only**

Full Quick-Link Arch

A contemporary and fun arch style, using woven quick-link balloons to create the size and style of arch needed for your event. They are Air-filled and frame-less, but hold their shape, remains very steady, and are easy to move. Can be paired with linked columns, and other décor.

**Indoor Use Only**

4 Choose Colors

When choosing your latex balloon colors we recommend that you choose balloons from the same color grouping. Eg: choose all jewel colors or all standard  colors. Please view our Color Guide to see an array of colors available.