What is Endless Balloons? The Endless Balloons Story

Endless Balloons is a family run business that Abbey & Collin have created to make balloon decor, and deliveries accessible for any and all occasions in the Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. Together, we have been working with and learning about balloons for over 5 years. We are always continuing our education to keep up with the latest trends and techniques. We work and learn from the balloon artists from local to worldwide. We use the best quality balloon product when creating our designs.

Endless Balloons is a family run business. We use the best quality balloon product when creating our designs.



Collin has been learning and working with balloons for over 10 years. It all started with a simple balloon kit, a 3 hours long car ride, and a simple one balloon mouse. This is where he discovered the magic and possibilities of balloons, and started to learn the basics of balloon animals and twisting. While in high school Collin saw a balloon arch while attending a bowling tournament, and thought maybe he could do that too, after all, they are balloons too. Collin then proceeded to sign up for his first ever Valentines Seminar, and learned the beauty of Balloon Decor for holidays, and events. It was after that seminar that he no longer wanted to just twist balloons, but be what the industry called a Deco-Twister. As Endless Balloons we put together out twisting and decor knowledge and we design and create one of a kind Balloon Art.


Abbey met Collin over 7 years ago in college as musicians. They both have a background in music and music education. Abbey plays clarinet, and Collin plays trumpet. Collin introduced Abbey to the world of balloons, and even “proposed” to her with a balloon ring at a college party. This was when Abbey knew she wanted to be a part of this life, and industry. Abbey has attended classes and seminars to continue her education and knowledge of Balloon Twisting and Decor. Abbey is now the owner of Endless Balloons and in the process of getting her Certified Balloon Artist.